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For those customers that don't have the storage needed for pallet of products, we offer storage here at the shop. You prepay for whatever quantities you want. You then come by and pick up the amount you need when you need it and we deduct it off your prepaid amount. This is also helpful for those that are on a fixed income and don't have the ability to pay every month etc.

 Our Super Premium Pellets are made by the same company as our logs.They are made entirely of wood by-products from their own sawmill and have no additives. The high density and low moisture content of our Premium Pellets enables it to pack 8400 BTU's per pound, and creates less than 1/2 of 1% ash.

Starting with only high quality fiber, we make a consistent, high quality wood pellet that customers have been heating their home with for years. We are committed to finding the only the best raw materials and continually finding ways to improve our product.

North Idaho Energy Logs Inc. has been manufacturing logs and other compressed wood products since 1986. North Idaho Energy Logs products are a renewable energy source made entirely of wood by-products from sawmills. Energy Logs are a much cleaner burning fuel than firewood and other densified fire logs.

If you have ever tried a “Wood Fired” steak, rack of ribs, burger, or pizza, you will understand why high-end “Wood-Fired” BBQ Restaurants, Steakhouses, and Pizza Places are cropping up across the country. These business owners have figured out that the old debate of Charcoal vs. Gas is over. Wood is king because it is the only fuel that adds real flavor to food. A pure hardwood, whether in stick, chunk, or pellet form is the only way to add competition quality flavor to your smoking, BBQ, and grilling.

LOUISIANA GRILLS brand BBQ wood pellets are 100% natural with absolutely no additives. The natural wood is densified giving more heat and flavor for its volume.

LOUISIANA GRILLS FLAVORED WOOD PELLETS are the fuel of choice for your Louisiana Grill, and as well can be used in gas, electric or charcoal grills, barbecues or smokers. Find out why you should buy a Louisiana Grill!

Lil Devil's BBQ Pellets

We do deliveries up to 100 miles one way. Pricing varies, so please call.